This is What I’m Training For

I figured I’d post what race I am planning on running. It is the North Olympic Discovery Marathon in Port Angeles, Washington. I am lucky enough to have a running friend that lives in the area I (She used to live here in Texas, but moved back to Port Angeles recently) and we were able to visit her and her family this summer. It is beautiful and I’ve been dying to get back. I need to get serious with the training. Although the race is not until June, I am a very very new runner so I need to get on it. 🙂

I also need to check out local races and consult my training guide to find a 1/2 to do around the time I should be running that far in my training. I think getting a race or two under my belt before the ‘big’ one will help with the whole pre-race jitter thing. I’m not entirely sure, but it makes sense, right?


So, now that I’ve started this blog, and listed the race I am going to do, I suppose I should get cracking. This is going to be sooo much fun. 🙂


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