And So It Begins

Let’s just get a couple of things straight here. I suck at coming up with clever titles for blog posts. So, if you are expecting some super catchy or witty titles, this may not be the place for you. However, if you are looking for a blog about real life, struggles and all, this might possibly be the right place for you. Now that the ‘formalities’ are out of the way, let’s get down to business.


Well, here goes. I’m a mama, obviously, and I’m training for my very first marathon. (I’m really good at stating the obvious, so work with me here.) I started running…again…in July of this year.  At that point I had lost right around 100lbs ( I’m a Lap Band patient) and a group of women from my church had formed a running/walking club. Now it’s almost October and I’m getting ready to sign up for my first marathon. I figured I might as well go big, right? It’s in June 2013 and it’s in Port Angeles, WA. I’ve got a good friend that lives there. She ran the 1/2 marathon last year and is going for the full marathon this year.

Like I said, I’m pretty new to running. I don’t know all the running lingo. I’m not sure how to train, aside from getting out there and putting feet on pavement (or treadmill when the weather is not cooperating). This blog will chronicle my journey. It may be rough, it’ll probably be a bit nuts, it will, however, be real and honest.


So, let’s do this thing. 🙂




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